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Mount Pleasant Group at a glance

The Mount Pleasant Group is one of Ontario’s oldest, largest and most innovative cemetery and funeral operations.

We own and manage 10 cemeteries across the Greater Toronto Area, ranging from Brampton to Oshawa. We also have four crematoriums, 14 mausoleums and five visitation centres where we also provide funeral services. In addition, we offer funeral services through The Simple Alternative Funeral Centres in Toronto, Mississauga and Pickering.

We have served the Toronto community since 1826. In fact, we were Toronto’s first non-sectarian cemetery organization, assisting families regardless of their religious background.

Today, we are made up of two companies: the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries which provides cemetery and crematorium services; and Canadian Memorial Services which provides funeral services.

In Ontario, 95% of all cemetery companies are either non-profits, or are owned by religious organizations or municipalities.  We are also not-for-profit and as such, we retain all our revenues beyond expenses to build up capital for new roads and sections in our existing cemeteries; new mausoleums, niche columbariums and visitation centres to meet the changing tastes of our communities; and land for new cemeteries in what has become the fourth-largest urban area in North America.

Like all cemetery organizations, we also allocate a share of our revenues to our Perpetual Care Trust Fund to ensure our grounds are well-kept and bucolic. On March 31, 2012, our Fund had $317 million in assets. As a result, we have the highest balance per developed acre of any cemetery operation in North America.

Our operations have changed dramatically since the early 1800s. However, our guiding principles have remained unchanged, as they should in any organization that does business “in perpetuity.”

Today, our cemeteries total 1,222 acres and are the custodian to the more than 600,000 individuals who have been laid to rest there. The diversity in our customer base is well served by our 325 permanent and 185 seasonal employees who hail from many different cultures, communities and backgrounds and share the common goal of providing a high standard of customer care.

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