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Government resources

Government Resources includes links to Web sites that provide information on benefits that may be available to survivors following the death of a loved one.

Also in this section, are links to Web sites that provide general information on various benefit programs provided by the Government of Canada.

Survivor Benefits
Financial Assistance Programs
General Resources

Survivor Benefits

The sites listed here all provide some form of survivor benefits to the estates of qualifying individuals following a death, or assistance with the accurate and timely completion of the necessary forms and documents to maximize government and corporate benefits after the passing of a loved one, as well as help in returning all identification documents, thus limiting the opportunity for identity theft.

Canada Pension Plan

Canada Pension Plan survivor benefits are paid to a deceased contributor’s estate, surviving spouse or common-law partner and dependent children. There are three types of benefits:

  • The death benefit is a one-time payment to, or on behalf of, the estate of a deceased Canada Pension Plan contributor;
  • The survivor’s pension is a monthly pension paid to the surviving spouse or common-law partner of a deceased contributor;
  • The children's benefit is a monthly benefit for dependent children of a deceased contributor.

It is important to apply for Canada Pension Plan benefits. If you do not apply, you may lose benefits you are entitled to receive.

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Financial Assistance Programs

The sites listed here will provide financial assistance for funerals and burials to individuals who qualify under their guidelines.

Last Post Fund

In co-operation with Veterans Affairs Canada, the Last Post Fund provides funeral, burial and grave marking benefits for eligible Veterans.

City of Toronto Department of Social Services

Toronto Social Services provides financial assistance on behalf of deceased Toronto residents who do not have sufficient funds in their estate to fully cover the cost of a basic funeral, burial and/or cremation.

Toronto Social Services will pay a funeral home or cemetery to provide funeral, burial and/or cremation services and products in accordance with the items and rates approved by Toronto City Council.

Toronto Social Services must authorize services before a contract is signed with a funeral home or cemetery. They will not reimburse the cost of a funeral, burial or cremation after a contract is signed, as Toronto Social Services is not in a position to interfere with a legally binding contract. Partial payments to make changes to the services and products provided are not allowed.

Ontario Works in Peel

Financial Assistance for Funerals or Burials. The cost of a funeral and burial is a discretionary benefit under the Ontario Works Act.  If the following apply to you, this program may provide some assistance:

  • You are a resident in the Region of Peel,
  • In receipt of Ontario Works assistance, or
  • In receipt of Ontario Disability Support Program assistance, or
  • you qualify as a low-income family.

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General Resources

The sites listed here provide information of a general nature about government benefit programs.

Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Your contributions provide you and your dependents with basic financial protection if you become disabled or die.

Veterans Affairs Canada - Services and Benefits

Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) offers a wide range of services and benefits to:

  • qualified Veterans
  • Canadian Forces (CF) members
  • serving and discharged members of the RCMP
  • certain civilians and their families.

These services and benefits honour their sacrifices and achievements, and are designed to meet their changing needs.

Employment Insurance Compassionate Care Benefits

Compassionate care benefits are paid to persons who have to be away from work temporarily to provide care or support to a family member who is gravely ill with a significant risk of death.

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