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Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries

10 Locations to Serve You

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries operates ten cemeteries in the Greater Toronto Area, spanning from Oshawa in the east to Brampton in the west. 

Serving a diverse range of cultural and personal preferences, each cemetery plays an integral part in the make-up of the community, offering its own special features.

Find the locations nearest you.

Special Features

The Toronto Necropolis and Mount Pleasant Cemetery are two of the oldest and most historically significant cemeteries in Toronto. For those choosing cremation, Mount Pleasant, along with Meadowvale Cemetery in Brampton, Duffin Meadows Cemetery in Pickering and York Cemetery in North York also offer lovely Gardens of Remembrance. Both Beechwood Cemetery and Prospect Cemetery are distinguished by their beautiful community mausoleums. Thornton Cemetery in Oshawa and Duffin Meadows serve Toronto’s expanding suburbs. Pine Hills, York and Elgin Mills cemeteries offer innovative Visitation Centres, where the visitation, service, interment and reception can all be held at the same location.

What We Offer

Paying tribute to a life is a decision that may be based on your religious beliefs, cultural heritage, family tradition or financial considerations. In order to accommodate these preferences, we offer a full range of products and services to commemorate life, including:

  • Ground burial;
  • Entombment in a crypt or tomb, typically in an above-ground mausoleum;
  • Cremation, followed by burial of the cremated remains (commonly referred
    to as ashes) in the ground or in an indoor or outdoor niche;
  • We also offer a range of related products, such as urns, monuments and vaults.

All of our cemeteries employ experienced Service Co-ordinators who will listen carefully to your wishes and help you make your arrangements.

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