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Mount Pleasant Cemetery

More Than a Living Memorial

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More than a living memorial to past generations, Mount
Pleasant Cemetery is one of the custodians of our country’s
history. One of Canada’s most historic cemeteries, Mount
Pleasant has served the Toronto community since 1876. It
is the final resting place of many prominent Canadians, as
varied as former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie
King, Jennie Smillie-Robinson, Canada’s first female
surgeon, popular Métis artist Youngfox, and pianist Glenn Gould.

For well over a century, the movers and the shakers, the famous and the infamous, the rich and the poor have made this cemetery their final resting place.

Art and Nature

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Over the years, Mount Pleasant has developed into a cemetery of great natural beauty, enhanced by a unique collection of artworks that continues to grow. Over the years, the cemetery’s tree collection has grown into one of North America’s finest arboretums. Along with the abundant trees, large flower gardens, birds and other wildlife, contribute to the park-like setting. Art abounds throughout the cemetery in sculptures and memorials created by gifted artists.

Services and Features

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Mount Pleasant’s services and features include:

  • A full range of interment choices providing for
    ground burial, cremation and mausoleum
  • Mount Pleasant Mausoleum, with two chapels available for services or private reflection;
  • Mount Pleasant Crematorium;
  • Garden of Remembrance, the first in Ontario, created especially for those who choose cremation.

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Ground Burial

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Although it is a historic cemetery, a variety of ground-burial options are still available at Mount Pleasant. New burial spaces in various sizes and locations become available from time to time.


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Increasingly chosen as an option in the commemorative process, cremation is simply one method of preparing remains for final disposition. Many who choose cremation will also want a lasting memorial, and a place for family and friends to go to pay tribute and remember. Often, a columbarium, which is an arrangement of niches
containing cremation urns, is chosen as the final resting place.

At Mount Pleasant, cremated remains may be:

  • Placed inside Mount Pleasant Mausoleum in glass-, marble- or bronze-fronted niches. Urns are visible in the glass-fronted niches, which may also contain a small personal memento. Inscriptions may be placed on the marble- or bronze-fronted niches;
  • Placed outdoors in bronze- or granite-fronted niches throughout the extensive Mount Pleasant Garden of Remembrance;
  • Interred in a grave, family lot or urn space;
  • Scattered in one of the memorial scattering areas, among groundcover in an indigenous stand of oak trees or in one of the rose gardens.

Mount Pleasant Crematorium

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries established Ontario’s first crematorium in 1933. Today, close to 50% of families and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area choose cremation, for many different reasons. Please contact us to discuss the wide variety of options and alternatives offered by Mount Pleasant Crematorium.

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Mausoleum Entombment

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This choice, which provides for above-ground burial indoors, involves placing a casket inside a crypt, which is then sealed.

Mount Pleasant Mausoleum

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Opened in 1920, Mount Pleasant Mausoleum is an imposing building with classic Georgian-style architecture. Its granite exterior is finished inside with finely detailed bronze, marble and fine woods. The mausoleum’s features include:

  • Entombment rights, with marble-fronted crypts;
  • Two chapels available for committal, funeral or memorial services (at a nominal fee) and for moments of private reflection;
  • Columbariums with glass-, marble- or bronze-fronted niches;
  • Crypts are available to accommodate one or two caskets;
  • Crypt fronts are made of white Italian marble. Bronze lettering may be placed on the crypt front as a memorial to a life lived.

Garden of Remembrance

Opened in 1998, the Garden of Remembrance was created especially to provide those who choose cremation with a final resting place of great beauty. Located within Mount Pleasant, this cemetery within a cemetery is composed of five theme areas, each with distinct memorialization options that reflect its distinctive physical features.

  • The Gateway of Hope leads you into the garden between granite-faced columbariums;
  • The Eternal Gardens form a central walkway to the fountain, surrounded by flower planters and rose gardens. Cremation urns may be placed in the walls that form the gardens;
  • The Pool of Reflection is the centrepiece of the Garden of Remembrance. Urns may be buried near the water’s edge or placed in niches along the spacious walkway that surrounds the pool;
  • A bridge leads across the River of Memories, a tranquil stream with natural boulders placed along its course. Memorials may be placed on the bridge railing, and cremation urns buried at the base of the boulders;
  • An existing stand of mature trees has been incorporated in the gardens as the Forest of Remembrance. Ashes may be buried and memorials placed within the forest;
  • In addition, a glass-roofed conservatory, opened in 1999, offers numerous granite-fronted niches indoors and on its exterior pillars.

To learn more about the Garden of Remembrance and the options offered to those who choose cremation, please contact us. Our co-ordinators would be happy to take you through the garden and discuss the features in detail.

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Garden of Remembrance


Pool of Reflection

Pool of Reflection

Bridge Memorial Railings

Boulder Urn Spaces


Conservatory Interior

Conservatory Rear

Conservatory Rear

Fountain Niche Banks

Fountain Niche Banks

Eternal Gardens

Garden Wall Niches

Niche Banks

Niche Bank

River of Memories

River of Memories Bridge

Central Fountain

Forest of Remembrance

Forest of Remembrance
Contact Information
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Crematorium and Visitation Centre

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Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.
Sunday and evening appointments available upon request.

Gate hours:
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