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Many people decide that a lasting, personally designed marker is the best way to pay tribute to a life lived. Our organization, in a continuous tradition that spans almost two centuries, has helped hundreds of thousands of families choose distinctive and fitting memorials.

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries prides itself on providing:

  • Exemplary service;
  • Competitively priced products;
  • Flexible payment options, including instalment payments over time.

Helping You Plan a Marker

We begin by listening to you. When you first meet with us, usually in the cemetery office, our Pre-planning Advisor or Service Counsellor will talk to you in detail about the things that are really important to you. Once we have this information, we will work with you to design a monument that truly reflects the memory and personality of the individual to be remembered.

A Personalized Design

No two lives are identical, and the same holds true for markers. Whether you want to take a traditional or contemporary approach to design, we will work to meet your particular needs and wishes. We can show you the wide variety of shapes, sizes and lettering available. For granite markers, you can choose from many colours and textures. For bronze markers, you can also choose from many colours and styles of border. Walking with you through the cemetery or reviewing our extensive collection of photographs, we can show you the countless design possibilities and help you come to a decision.

Our professional design service is provided at no extra charge. Before an expert craftsperson begins work on your marker, your Service Co-ordinator will review the layout and design with you. This is our way of making sure the marker design meets your specifications exactly, and has your full approval before it is made.

Expert Craftsmanship

Finely crafted features, such as emblems and etchings, are also available. Whatever you choose, we will work to make sure your marker fully expresses your ideas, tastes and feelings, and reflects your religious, cultural, family and financial preferences.

Our Guarantee

A finely crafted marker should have a permanence and enduring beauty to withstand the test of time. Our certificate of guarantee assures you of the quality and craftsmanship of every marker we design and make.

For an appointment to discuss the design and purchase of a marker, please contact us at the cemetery office nearest you. Click here for a pdf of our marker brochure.

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