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What is Entombment?

Entombment is the interment of human remains in a tomb or crypt, and today is most often referred to as above-ground burial. It involves placing a casket or cremation urn in a crypt or columbarium niche within a mausoleum. The crypt or niche is then sealed and a memorial is added.


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A community mausoleum is simply a building designed to provide above-ground burial, or entombment for a number of unrelated people. Sharing the costs of the mausoleum with other individuals has made it more affordable. Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries (MPGC) established its first community mausoleum in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in 1920.

MPGC currently operates a number of community mausoleums on its cemetery properties.

There are indoor community mausoleums at: Mount Pleasant Cemetery; Prospect Cemetery; Pine Hills Cemetery; Beechwood Cemetery; and, Elgin Mills Cemetery.

There are outdoor or garden community mausoleums at: Prospect Cemetery; Elgin Mills Cemetery; Meadowvale Cemetery; and, Thornton Cemetery.

Private family mausoleums are erected by, and are the responsibility of, individual rights holders for the purpose of interring their own family members. There are a number of particularly fine examples of family mausoleums in Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


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Crypts are designed to hold casketed remains. Following a casket entombment, the crypt is sealed, and a granite or marble front is attached. There are different kinds of crypts, including:

  • Single crypts designed for one entombment only;
  • Tandem crypts, which are double crypts permitting two entombments lengthwise;
  • Companion crypts, which are double crypts permitting two entombments side-by-side (horizontal companion), or one above the other (vertical companion);
  • Westminster crypts, which are double crypts permitting two entombments, one below floor level and the other above.

Most mausoleums are built four, five and sometimes six crypts high. The price of the crypt will depend on its type and location. For example, upper-level crypts are less expensive than those located at eye level. Most of MPGC’s mausoleums offer a selection of crypts from which to choose, priced to meet all wishes and budgets.

Indoor crypts are made of marble, while outdoor crypts are made only of granite. The difference in materials used has to do with our climate. As beautiful as marble is, it is not suited to our harsh winters, or to today’s airborne pollutants such as smoke, smog and industrial gases.


A columbarium is an arrangement of small compartments, or niches. While many of the columbariums in MPGC are free-standing, indoors and outdoors, some are located inside mausoleums and chapels. Following an urn entombment, a niche front of granite, marble, bronze, wood or glass is attached.


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Niches are designed to hold urns containing cremated remains. There are different types of niches, including:

  • Single niches which will hold one cremation urn;
  • Double niches designed to hold two urns side-by-side;
  • Family niches which will hold up to four urns.

Not all types of niches are available in all columbariums. Please check with the cemetery office for availability of your choice.

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