David Junop

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David embodies the Mount Pleasant Group purpose of  bringing some comfort to an otherwise difficult experience by offering each and every person care, compassion and choice. Drawing on over twenty years of experience as a wedding/portrait photographer, David understands the intricacies of family dynamics and the need to listen to the concerns of all. Being a parent of five daughters has reinforced the necessity of being caring and sympathetic when emotional circumstances present themselves.

   The concept of life being a “process” is an important part of how David relates to the people he meets. For everything there is a time and place. This is particularly true when pre-planning cemetery arrangements. For many this process starts with a curiosity and a few questions. The illness of a family member or friend may be the catalyst that moves others to act. David is a caring and compassionate guide along this journey; this process. Call him today for a free consultation and written quotation.

E-mail: djunop@mountpleasantgroup.com

Tel: 416-459-7034

Fax: 416-485-1672