How a Funeral Service Can Provide your Loved Ones with Closure

2019 November 27

For some people, an elaborate funeral can seem like an unnecessary expense or an unpleasant burden to place on those who survive you after you pass. You may consider forgoing a memorial service in an effort to save money, but in fact, by indicating that you don’t want a memorial service, you may be depriving your loved ones of their chance to properly say goodbye and find closure. Keep reading to learn why a funeral service at a reputable funeral home is the best way to provide your loved ones with much-needed closure.

Modern Funeral Etiquette: What to Expect at a North American Service

2019 November 19

If you’ve never been to a funeral, or are a new Canadian and unaccustomed to North American practices, the prospect of attending a burial or memorial service at a funeral home can be daunting. Each culture recognizes death differently, and in the Toronto area, funeral services may vary widely. However, there are definitely some general things you can expect.

How to Commemorate the Anniversary of a Death

2019 November 08

The anniversary of a loved one’s death can be an important occasion. People may experience all sorts of emotions around this time, and wonder if there’s an appropriate way to express them. Finding ways to commemorate a loved one’s death, or in some cases, their birthday, can help people recognise the positive impact the person had on the lives of those around them.