How to integrate music into a funeral service

Music is inextricably tied to remembrance and recollection. It’s a traditional part of funeral services in many cultures and religions, and even when planning simple, individualised and nonreligious funerals, including music can be very important. Here’s what you should know and how to do it.


Why music matters

Choosing pieces that highlight hobbies, interests or achievements of the deceased is a great way to personalise the service and remember them. A particular song may evoke fond memories for family members and friends. Music is also effective at reducing anxiety and improving mood, which can help make saying goodbye easier. Plus, music is in itself a communal experience, reinforcing the cohesion between the mourners and strengthening the emotional support experienced by those gathered.


Recorded music

The simplest way to integrate music in a funeral service is simply to make a playlist or selection in advance and play it during the ceremony. This is all you need to reap the benefits of music. However, a twist on this idea is to have a DJ provide the music.

You can also ask those closest to the deceased to choose a song each and explain why this piece of music matters to them and how it relates to the departed.


Live music

Choir singing at a traditional funeral serviceLive music is nothing new when it comes to honouring the life of a loved one, and singing is a traditional component in many funerary rituals. For instance, Christian funerals will typically have a choir sing hymns. Here, the communal aspect of music really stands out, as having everyone sing together will strengthen the connection between people.

Violinist playing at a graveside serviceFor a more personalised service, or one that eschews traditional or religious practices, consider having a group of musicians or a solo artist play. Some may be able to take requests, and the intimacy of an acoustic concert by a songwriter will lend an air of closeness to the service.

Finally, family members or friends who are musically gifted may wish to pay tribute to the departed by performing during the service.


Plan a personalised ceremony in the GTA

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