Traveller Quarantine


Effective July 5, 2021


As of July 5, 2021, the Federal Government has eased quarantine restrictions for people entering into Canada who are fully vaccinated (have surpassed 14 days after their second dose), have a negative test upon arrival and are asymptomatic.  As long as travellers meet the Government of Canada requirement for fully vaccinated travellers and all other entry requirements, they will not be required to quarantine upon arrival.

For International travellers not fully vaccinated, the Quarantine Exemption Requirements established by the Federal Government October 8, 2020 
remain in effect: Travellers entering Canada may seek approval for an exemption from border restrictions and a limited release from mandatory quarantine for compassionate reasons.  Specifics related to the government’s exemption criteria can be found on Government of Canada web site

The application process involves authorization from the site that the traveller intends to visit.  As we are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and all who visit our locations, we will complete the Site Visit Authorization form provided (i) the traveller understands and agrees to the requirements and limitations stated below, (ii) there are not any extenuating circumstances that preclude us from granting the authorization, and (iii) prior to the site visit the applicant must provide us with confirmation that their application was assessed by the Public Health Agency of Canada and their limited release from quarantine was approved:


  1. Travellers with the limited quarantine exemption will not be permitted to enter our facilities for any activity (arrangements, visitation, funeral service, witnessing of cremation or an indoor entombment).  They will be required to remain in their vehicle and where possible, the service will be streamed online in order to permit viewing the service remotely on their phone/mobile device

  2. In addition to the Site Visit Authorization form, the family of the traveller seeking quarantine exemption will be required to acknowledge their understanding and intent to adhere to a. above, and the protocols MPG has in place for graveside services when quarantine exempt persons are in attendance as listed below:
    • Everyone must wear a mask. 
    • Family and guests (including the traveller) must maintain a minimum 12 foot separation from MPG’s Staff at all times.
    • The traveller who has the approved quarantine exemption, will remain in their vehicle as long as they have a sightline to the gravesite.  If there is no sightline, the individual will be permitted to move to within 12 feet of the nearest person.
    • Once the casket is placed on the lowering device at the gravesite, the funeral staff will remove themselves to maintain a 12 foot separation from the attendees. They will issue direction to the family/clergy from that distance.
    • Only one family member at a time will be permitted on the carpeted/matted area surrounding the casket.
    • Once the service is completed, all family members must leave the area to allow for the completion of the burial and lower & fill if desired.
    • Immediately preceding the family exiting the graveside, the quarantined individual will be allowed a moment near the casket if desired.


If the quarantined individual does not abide by the safety measures in place, they may be asked to leave the cemetery.