A visitation allows friends and family to share their support and show their respect for the deceased, the family and the community. It’s a quiet moment to say goodbye, and to help mourners through this difficult time. Less formal than a funeral, it’s a time for quiet conversation and shared grieving.

Typically, a visitation is held in a large room, with the deceased in a casket, opened or closed; or in an urn.

Watch this video for a short preview of visitation services.

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A funeral service is a formal occasion where friends and family mourn the deceased. Led by an officiant, spiritual leader or family member, the service can take place in a host of spaces, depending on size and special requests. Like a wedding, a service is also a celebration, and may include music, readings and other tributes that speak to the life and spirit of the deceased.

Ritualistic elements related to religion and culture, including specific floral arrangements, clothing and other adornments, are often part of a service. These options, as well as other special requests, need to be relayed to the funeral representative as part of the planning process.

Watch this short video for insight into types of funeral services.

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The reception is where family and friends can reflect on the spirit of the deceased, as well as receive and provide emotional support. Like the visitation, the reception is held in a more relaxed setting that often includes food and beverages, as well as music.

Watch the short video below for an example of what a reception looks like.

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Final Touches

The funeral representative can help suggest other items you may wish to include, such as memorial cards, a paper or digital obituary, and other personalized touches.

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