Reverend Dr. David McCullough

Section 4, Lot 840
Beechwood Cemetery, Vaughan

Born in Belfast, Ireland on May 8, 1905, McCullough started work at the age of 13 as an apprentice textile engineer. He came to Canada at the age of 22 to enter the Presbyterian mission. While a student-minister in northern Quebec, he mastered the canoe and thus was able to minister on a wider range throughout the remote region. He studied at both McMaster and the University of Toronto then set out to preach across Canada, from Cape Breton to Vancouver Island. Formerly ordained in 1944, Dr. McCullough served at various churches in Ontario, and broadcast a religious radio program from Wingham. In 1954, he was appointed director of church extensions for east and west Toronto. By 1962 he had started 16 new congregations across Metropolitan Toronto for the Presbyterian Church. He went on to become business administrator of the Synod of Toronto and Kingston, which was formed to help congregations obtain financing for their new buildings. In 1967, Dr. McCullough formed the Presbyterian Church Building Corporation, combining individual corporations across Canada into one national organisation. The Reverend Dr. David McCullough died on April 30, 1989, shortly before his 84th birthday.

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