Frank Kovalski

Section 1, Lot 1840
Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton

According to an article in The Brampton Guardian, “Everyone knew Frank Kovalski, but no-one really knew him at all.” He was the man in the brown coat and hat who slept in the Brampton Brickyard. He was the man who would growl and scream at people, and even chase cars. He was the man many people called “the Commander.” His “family” were the ten or so downtown Brampton merchants who took care of him for some 30 years, feeding him, clothing him, providing him with cigarettes, and just generally ensuring that he got what he needed. He collapsed in a downtown barbershop and later died, on December 19, 1987 of cancer in Peel Memorial Hospital. He was 62 years old. Because he had no relatives, Peel Social Services were responsible for burying him. On December 23, at a service held in the chapel here at Meadowvale Cemetery, there were many tears for the man no one knew, as his “family” gathered to mourn him. Though Frank Kovalski may well prove to be better remembered in death than he ever was in life, it is comforting to know that there were those who truly cared, and who will miss him.

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