David John Pugsley

Section 2, Lot 1917
Meadowvale Cemetery, Brampton

David John Pugsley, born and educated (as a mechanical engineer) in Bristol, came to Canada in 1957. Over the next ten years he worked for many companies, spending some time working on the Avro Arrow fighter and projects involving solar and nuclear energy. Mr. Pugsley joined the staff of Humber College in 1967. Four years later he went to Centennial College as dean of engineering technology. He became dean of marketing and development in 1976, the department having been set up to help establish post-secondary schools in co-operation with private industry, in developing countries. As a result of his work and contacts with foreign governments, Ontario Colleges International was formed, with its head office at Centennial College. It was taken over by the province, in 1980, as the Ontario Educational Services Corp. In March 1981 Mr. Pugsley became vice-president of the agency. In 1987 he moved to Educansult Ltd., a private Toronto firm working with the province to help develop community colleges abroad. He worked on a variety of projects in the Middle East during the last eight to ten years of his life. David John Pugsley died in a car accident in Saudi Arabia on April 18, 1988. He was 56 years old.

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