Henry Wright

Section 23, Lot SG1
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Henry Wright came from a legendary family in racetrack circles, his mother, father and brother were all long-time employees of the Jockey Club. Wright’s career began when he was 12 and he sold ice water at 5¢ a cup to the thirsty visitors at the old Dufferin Park. He smuggled a wrench into the track and disconnected the water fountains, thus ensuring his market. As custodian of the trustees’ lounge at Woodbine Race track, during the races, Wright served as a messenger-bettor, and would place bets for Queen Elizabeth and others when they attended the Queen’s Plate. Apparently, he never divulged what horses her Majesty picked, despite constant pleading by the press. And the press had to treat him carefully, because Wright served the drinks in the press room. In 1988 Henry Wright was named winner of the John J. Mooney Award for his significant contribution to the sport of racing. Henry Wright died on May 21, 1995 at the age of 78.

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