Robert M. Smith

Section 32, Lot 487
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

Born near Kingston, Ontario, Smith graduated from Queen’s University with a degree in civil engineering. He served as Ontario’s deputy minister of highways from 1926 until 1942 and was keenly interested in the development of northern Ontario and the road building there. In early 1942 he began directing the construction of the new Alaska Highway, an all-weather military supply route connecting Dawson Creek, B.C. with Fairbanks, Alaska that was built by U.S. army personnel. Unfortunately, before the project was completed Smith suffered a heart attack which left him incapacitated until his death at his 5 Whitehall Road residence on November 6, 1950. The 2451 km. (1523 mi.) highway opened in September, 1942. The Canadian portion was transferred to Canada in the spring of 1946 and one year later the highway was opened to unrestricted travel. See also Reginald Johnston.

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