Sarah Sloan

Plot 7, Section, 24, Lot 12
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

On the afternoon of July 7, 1915 picnickers from two Toronto churches, Woodgreen Methodist on Church Street East and St. John’s Presbyterian on Broadview Avenue were enjoying a summer outing at Queenston, Ontario. Many had decided to venture to the top of the Brock Monument on the Heights overlooking the pretty little village on the banks of the Niagara River. Suddenly it began to rain and many happy picnickers scrambled aboard the small open-sided streetcar that zigzagged its was from Queenston Heights down to the covered lake boat wharf. Badly overloaded, the car started its slow descent. Bu the excess weight and slick track proved too much and soon the car was racing down the steep embankment out of control. Half way down the hill, the track curved. Even on a clear, dry day the turn was always approached with caution, but this time, as the operator fought to regain control, the car lurched at the curve, came off the tracks and crashed fill speed into a huge tree.
   Of the approximately 150 passengers that had squeezed onto streetcar No. 685, 120 were injured in the crash while a total of 15 were killed outright, or hurt so badly that they succumbed to their injuries before the lake boat, transporting them back to Toronto hospitals for treatment, could complete the crossing. 53-year-old Sarah Sloan was one of the victims who died aboard the Niagara steamer, Chippewa. Another victim of the tragedy who is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery is Charles Jennings (Plot X, Section 9, Lot 17).

Mike Filey
Mount Pleasant Cemetery: An Illustrated Guide
Second Edition Revised and Expanded

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