Viola Thompson

Plot E, Lot 9196
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

On Thursday, July 19, 1934, the body of Viola Thompson was found under a lilac bush on the north side of Blythwood Road near the corner of Bayview Avenue, by a trio of youngsters seeking shelter under the bush from an afternoon shower. Those many years ago, the Bayview-Blythwood area was described in the coroner’s report as being very much a country setting and Blythwood Avenue simply a rough, badly lit country road. An autopsy conducted on the body revealed that the young woman had died as a result of numerous blows to the head.
   Shortly after the body was discovered, the husband of the murder victim, Alwynne Thompson, was arrested by Toronto police following a tip that Thompson had just obtained a marriage licence after claiming to be single. The licence had been issued the day before his wife’s body was found. It was determined by forensic experts that Viola Thompson, whose true identity was unknown for days, died in July 19, 1934. She was buried eight days later. Though many felt that Alwynne Thompson, who served time on a perjury charge, had killed his wife, the murderer of Viola Thompson has never been apprehended.

Mike Filey
Mount Pleasant Cemetery: An Illustrated Guide
Second Edition Revised and Expanded

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