William G. Barker, V.C.

Mausoleum: Room B, Crypt B
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto

One of Canada’s greatest war heroes, Colonel Barker destroyed 50 enemy aircraft during the First World War, becoming Canada’s second ranking air ace. In addition to being awarded the Distinguished Service Order and Military Cross and Bars, Barker also received the coveted Victoria Cross.
   Born in Dauphin, Manitoba in 1894, Barker was killed on March 12, 1930 when a Fairchild biplane he was testing crashed at the Ottawa Airport. Burial took place on the 15th from Barker’s father-in-law’s residence at 355 St. Clair Avenue West. During the actual service, six Toronto Flying Club aircraft flown by First World War pilots skimmed over the grave site and released thousands of rose petals as their tribute to one of the nation’s most distinguished war heroes. In 1931, a small airfield on the west side of Dufferin Street, north of Lawrence Avenue, was named Barker Field in memory of Colonel William Barker.

Mike Filey
Mount Pleasant Cemetery: An Illustrated Guide
Second Edition Revised and Expanded

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