Norman Ernest Brickell

Section 8, Lot 192
Pine Hills Cemetery

Norman Brickell was sworn in as a police constable on October 4, 1940. He began his career with the Scarborough Police Force patrolling the streets on a bicycle. He retired April 1, 1978, a staff inspector and officer in charge of Metro’s 42 Division. As both a uniform and plainclothes officer, Brickell investigated many of the major crimes in the area throughout his 38-year career. He and his then-partner, former Police Chief Harold Adamson, were detectives on duty when the as yet unsolved disappearance of 17-year-old Marion McDowell took place the night of December 6, 1953. (McDowell was kidnapped from her boyfriend’s car and no trace of her was ever found.) Norman Ernest Brickell died in 1986, still haunted by this unsolved crime.

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