Chalmers York Town Line Church

Section S, Lots 815 and 824
Pine Hills Cemetery

Remains from Chalmers York Town Line Church Cemetery. This pioneer Presbyterian Church was located on the northeast corner of St. Clair Avenue and Pharmacy Road. Research indicates that the church and its adjacent cemetery were in use as early as 1858. In 1892, it was merged with York Station (East Toronto) Church and a new name, Emanuel, adopted by the congregation. A year later, construction of a new Emanuel Church at the corner of Swanwick and Benlamond Avenues commenced. Eventually the old structure on St. Clair was demolished, leaving the small church cemetery standing in isolation. In early 1952, the property on which the cemetery was located was sold to a land development company. In May of that year the remains from the cemetery were removed and re-interred by the trustees of the church in memory of the adherents of this pioneer Scarborough congregation.

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