Meryl Dunsmore

Section 10, Lot 2051
Pine Hills Cemetery

Meryl Dunsmore received valentines from an unknown admirer every year but one from 1928 until her death in 1988. The first card came when she was a 17-year-old student at Toronto's Central High School of Commerce, and the rest followed Meryl through two marriages and subsequent name changes, and at least six changes of address. Signed: “Your Secret Admirer” or “Your Secret Pal,” the cards came from all over the world. In 1968, no St. Valentine’s Day greeting arrived. Later that year, however, a postcard arrived from Paris, bearing an apology — the card sender had been ill. Meryl Dunsmore died at the age of 76 in her home on Kingston Road in Scarborough, in 1988 without ever learning the identity of her admirer.

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