William Anderson

Section 24, Lot 1531
Prospect Cemetery

The Pathologist was vice-president of medical affairs at Toronto General Hospital when he died, at the age of 71, on February 25, 1987. He was also co-ordinator of the Toronto General’s operating room; budget committee chairman for the institution’s medical advisory board; professor emeritus of pathology at the University of Toronto; and, a consultant pathologist at both the Hospital for Sick Children and Toronto General. He was named deputy pathologist-in-chief in 1971 and two years later was appointed professor of pathology at the university. He was a director of the MDS Health Group Ltd., the largest laboratory in the private diagnostic field in Canada, since the firm’s launch in 1969. Dr. Anderson was born in Scotland and received medical and surgical degrees at the University of Edinburgh in 1941. After the war he settled in Canada, working at two hospitals in Hamilton before joining the Toronto General in 1952. He was consultant-in-pathology and chief of laboratory services at Queen Elizabeth Hospital since 1958, and was a founder of the hospital’s research institute and its president since 1972. He also held executive positions with the Ontario Medical Association and the Medico-Legal Society of Toronto.

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