Frederick Daniel Clark

Section 12, Lot 906
Prospect Cemetery

A significant contribution to the work of Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries (MPGC) was made by Frederick Clark (1885–1984), who was employed by the organisation from 1907–1962. He was Superintendent at Prospect Cemetery from 1907–1962, and was Supervisor of Cemeteries from 1934–1951. Born at Wormley, Hertfordshire, England in January 1885, F. D. Clark was a veteran of the Boer War. Shortly after immigrating to Canada in 1905, he accepted employment at Prospect for part of a season as a gardener, at an hourly wage of 15 cents. He also assisted in the operation of a market garden for Miller’s, the leading local florists, on Dufferin Street. In 1907, he was hired as Superintendent of Prospect Cemetery at an annual salary of $700. His home was the original Shields’ farmhouse on the grounds. F.D. Clark supplemented his background in horticulture with an engineering course from the International Correspondence School, and in 1928 was appointed Supervisor of the Necropolis, and Pine Hills Cemetery. In 1934, he was appointed Supervisor of all properties administered by MPGC. The versatile F. D. Clark, in addition to his gardening and management responsibilities, also performed such tasks as dynamiting the topsoil to prepare plots during the labour shortage of the First World War, and planning drainage systems around roadways. MPGC relied heavily upon his judgement and expertise in many matters. In 1951, he relinquished the duties of Supervisor but worked on in the capacity of Superintendent of Properties and as Consultant to MPGC. F. D. Clark’s four children – daughter Jessie, son Frederick, the youngest Anglican bishop to be ordained in Canada, and Alan and Howard, both of whom worked for MPGC were all born on the grounds of Prospect Cemetery. A Freemason, F. D. Clark was a past master of Stanley Masonic Lodge. Predeceased by his first wife, Frederick Daniel Clark died in May, 1984.

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