Robert “Bob” Billo McIntyre

Section 23, Lot 312
Prospect Cemetery

An aeronautical engineer, instrumental in the development of de Havilland’s planes since World War II, Bob McIntyre was born in Toronto, and graduated for the University of Toronto with a degree in mechanical engineering. On a fellowship from Massey, he studied at Cambridge University in England for three years, earning a degree in aeronautical engineering. When he returned to Canada he went to work for Massey-Harris. They were producing wings for the Mosquito fighter plane for the war. Two years later he joined de Havilland, and became project engineer on the Mosquito. Later, he was on the engineering and design team for the Chipmunk trainer, the Beaver, the Otter, and the Caribou. The Twin Otter developed for the military was later adapted for commercial use under Bob’s supervision. He helped to develop the SPAR (Special Projects and Applied Research) Aeronautics division of de Havilland, which later became SPAR Aerospace Ltd. Bob McIntyre was also involved in the design and development of the Dash 7, and travelled the world promoting it. His last project was the development of the Dash 8, before he officially retired as director of market development for de Havilland in 1979. However, he stayed on as a special consultant until he became ill in January 1985. Robert McIntyre died on September 23, 1985 at the age of 72.

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