Sanderson Pearcy

Section 12, Lot 20
Prospect Cemetery

At the age of 21, Sanderson Pearcy left Toronto for British Columbia. Over the next ten years, he made a fortune in gold mining. In 1874, he returned to Toronto where he founded a business. In 1905, he turned the business into a limited company, taking many of his trusted employees as shareholders. He was a Freemason of the 32nd degree affiliated with Ashlar Lodge, and a member of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society. Known for his fine horses, his stables were located on the grounds of his residence in the Bloor Street-Avenue Road area. The long defunct Pearcy House restaurant on the north side of Bloor Street West was the site of his home. Born in 1841, Sanderson Pearcy died from diabetes on August 27, 1917, at the age of 76.

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