Emerson S. Coatsworth

Section VNG, Lot 48
Toronto Necropolis

Great-grandson of Emerson Coatsworth, Sr., he was born February 18, 1921 and was known as “Torchy” to his friends. He was educated in Toronto at Upper Canada College (1935-1939), Lawrence Park College (1939-1940) and University of Toronto (1940-1942, Arts). He worked as a driver for T. Eaton Company, before joining Frontier College, June 1940 to September 1940. He was employed from June to September 1941 by Construction Corporation, Nagogami, Ontario, as a teacher at night. He interrupted his schooling to join the R.C.A.F., enlisting on May 22, 1942. He served as a Flight Lieutenant, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.  Upon his return to University, Torchy obtained a degree in social anthropology; He went to work for a while for the CBC before forming his own public relations firm. His special interest was the history of Canada’s Native People. His book, Indians of Quetico was published in 1957. At the time of his death, he had almost completed a history of the Indians of Southern Ontario from 1750 to 1850. He was one of the founders of the Indian Eskimo Association. Emerson Steadman Coatsworth died in North York on September 10, 1970.

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