George Paxton Young

Section K, Lot 128
Toronto Necropolis

Born 1818 in Berwick-on-Tweed, England, the son of a Presbyterian clergyman, George Paxton Young was educated at the University of Edinburgh. He immigrated to Canada in 1847 with his widowed mother and younger brother. In 1850 he was appointed minister of Knox Church in Hamilton. He moved to Toronto as professor of divinity at the new Knox College in 1853. However, unable to continue to give his assent to the Westminster Confession, as required by his church, Young resigned from the college and left the ministry. He was immediately hired by Egerton Ryerson and spent seven years as inspector of the province’s grammar schools. In 1871 he joined the University of Toronto as professor of logic, metaphysics and ethics. One of the most popular professors to have ever taught at U. of T., Young stayed until his death on February 26, 1889.

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