Reverend George John Blewett

Section K, Lot 152
Toronto Necropolis

Born in Yarmouth Township in Elgin County, Ontario, on December 9, 1873, George Blewett was the son of William Blewett, a farmer, and Mary Baker. He was raised on a farm near St. Thomas where he attended the collegiate institute. He entered the Methodist ministry on a trial basis in 1894, and briefly served as a mission preacher in western Canada. In 1897, he graduated from Victoria University in Toronto, and was ordained the following year. He studied at the University of Würzburg in Bavaria, Germany in 1899 and, in 1900, received a Ph.D. in philosophy from Harvard University. He did postgraduate work at both Oxford University and Cambridge University. In 1901, he became a lecturer in philosophy at Wesley College, Winnipeg. In 1906, he became the Ryerson Professor of moral philosophy at Victoria University. In 1907, he wrote The study of nature and the vision of God: with other essays in philosophy. His second book The Christian view of the world was published in 1912. He drowned while swimming, having apparently suffered a heart attack, in Go Home Bay, Ontario on August 15, 1912.

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