Edward Parker

Section 8, Lot 5664
York Cemetery

Born in Winnipeg, Edward Parker graduated from the University of Manitoba’s United College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1939. He went to work as a staff writer with the Winnipeg Tribune in 1940 then joined the news staff of the Montreal Star in 1941. Shortly thereafter he was appointed publicity officer with the wartime department of munitions and supply. In 1943, Ed Parker was appointed to work with the Ottawa Civil Service Recreation Association, where he devised recreation programs in every conceivable field to occupy the thousands of civil servants who had poured into the city, during their off time. From 1944 to 1946, Ed Parker served as publicity officer for the Saskatchewan government, and deputy director of adult education in the province. In 1947 he wrote for the Ottawa Journal. In 1949 he came to Toronto and the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute to start up their graphic arts program. Because of his background, however, he ended up also giving journalism courses to those students who expressed an interest in the subject. The popularity of his courses led to Parker being asked to set up a journalism program, which he did. Ed Parker left Ryerson in the fall of 1955 to work as a public relations consultant. He was employed by various mining concerns such as Rio Tinto and Denison Mines. In 1963 he founded Edward Parker Public Relations Ltd., and continued to specialise in providing public relations services to mining companies. He dissolved the firm in 1977, and from 1978 to 1983, served as executive editor for the provincial Royal Commission on the Northern Environment. Ed Parker died at the age of 70, following a lengthy illness, in March of 1988.

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