George Edward Hall

Section 14, lot 116
York Cemetery

George Hall was a ‘carny.’  He fell in love with the game of crown and anchor as a young man, and turned his love into a full-time career operating a midway concession. His death on December 4, 1988, ended 50 years of participation in midways, fairs and exhibitions across Canada. Born in Toronto, Hall attended Western Technical Institute but even before he graduated, he knew what he was going to do with his life. When he finished high school, Hall went to work as a crown and anchor man with Sullivan Shows, appearing in towns in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. In later years, he travelled with the Conklin Shows’ midway throughout Ontario and western Canada. He liked the action, the people, the pressure and the hours. He loved moving from town to town and meeting different people. During the winter months, when the carnivals don’t travel, Hall worked as a door-to-door salesman selling vacuum cleaners or encyclopedias, and servicing vending machines on school campuses. George Hall died at the age of 71.

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