What Our Customers Have to Say

Everything was fine. I have to tell you we, my daughter and I, and everyone who was there, we were impressed by the gentleman operating the backhoe. The gentleman who was filling the grave, he was so gentle and he was so soft putting the dirt in. He took so much care and I wanted to thank him for that. A lot of the time you hear the bad things and not the good things so I wanted to make sure to mention how much we appreciated him. Thank you so much for calling and for all your help.

Oh, everything was pretty good. We were really happy with how everything went. Everyone really did their best helping me and were amazing about giving me a little more time. I was crying on the phone to Jessica because I was worried we didn’t have enough time. Jessica was very supportive and I really appreciate everything everyone did to help me. I felt really supported.

Hi Cynthia, I just wanted to compliment you on the fantastic service you provided to me and my family, wanted to mention some of the items that I commend you on: You are very professional as well as caring and compassionate, you made me feel that nothing was too difficult a job, you explained everything in detail, (first during) our consultation, and carried through with your guidance and expertise as well. My sister’s interment today was very pleasant and everything went exactly the way I would have wanted it to be, couldn’t have done it without you. I would recommend you as a consultant to anyone who needs the service without any hesitation. Keep up the FANTASTIC job you are doing. All the best. I would recommend you bring this to your manager’s attention or I would be more than happy to advise him directly with his e-mail information. Can’t thank you enough.

Everything went very well. We were very pleased that you guys accommodated us so well. My mom would love that she is so close to a tree and will get some shade. … Thank you so much for facilitating the burial and accommodating us Monday morning at such an early hour and thank you for understanding from a religious point of view, how important it was for us to get mom in there quickly. In such a time of immense crisis, you guys really went above  and beyond. This is our second time burying someone in Beechwood Cemetery and this time was the best experience so far. We will recommend  Beechwood and the entire staff at Beechwood. You have all been simply amazing. The grounds workers took so much care covering her over. Thank you so much for the expediency and care. Thank you so much for a beautiful  experience. Post-Covid, we would love to come in and meet you all and speak with you to thank you. We would love to do some type of donation also if that is possible. Thank you again, it was a beautiful day and we really appreciate everything Beechwood did for us.

The staff is very helpful, caring and professional. All our questions were answered, everything done perfectly and the grounds are very pretty.

The staff were very professional and understanding, from the original sit down right through to the end of their services. This was the first cemetery and burial I’ve had to deal with but I can’t imagine any way to have made it more tolerable.