What Our Customers Have to Say

It was wonderful. It was just the best experience. It was top notch. Does it sound strange to say that? It’s true. I was speaking to Talar earlier and was saying how I never saw my mother with lipstick. But you guys put on just the right amount and she looked wonderful. Also one of the most important things to her was having nail polish on. And I didn’t think to ask about that, but when I saw her with that light neutral polish you put on. It almost made me cry. All if your attention to detail about the little things is amazing. I recommend you to everyone, because these things are so important. Talar was just so amazing. Please thank her for me, and thank everyone for the amazing job they did.

Don LeBlanc and Adrian are two of the most courteous and most compassionate professionals I have ever met. Other cemeteries offered us lower prices but at the end of the day my family and I felt most comfortable with your organisation because of how Don and Adrian handled our requests.

Everything was really exceptionally done! I called back and spoke with Emily. I told her how all our guests enjoyed the service. It was very good, excellent. We’ve been to Elgin Mills a few times for other burials and we are always so impressed. Thank you so much.

Emily Thompson was assisting us with all the arrangements. She was very professional and kind-hearted.  She tried her best to help us at this difficult time. Even after the funeral service Emily was still helping to search for biodegradable urns. She is very caring person.

I am very satisfied with your services because all my friends and family have so much nice things to say about your place. Washrooms and the facility is very clean. Thank you Don LeBlanc and Vincent On!!!  Staff are awesome, please keep up the good work. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate your service. We’re just glad that we picked your place. Thank you!!

We were treated with dignity, respect and care. We were always made to feel “special” which was very comforting. We have no suggestions on improving your services, we were literally waited on hand and foot…you offered amazing services. Thank you!