What Our Customers Have to Say

My wife and I have friends who are buried at Thornton and we had been there a few times. She told me this is where she wants to be buried. We had our anniversary in July and we drove over to Thornton  and she again told me that this is where she wants to be buried so I made an appointment with Stephanie and she helped us… We were supposed to sit down and decide what we wanted on the headstone. We started the procedure and I never thought that my wife would be leaving me so soon… Sharon and I talked for a long time and it went very well… She went into the hospital and it was only supposed to be for a little visit and she didn’t make it home. Your staff and everyone I talked to was absolutely wonderful. They guided me and helped me with everything… I am sure that anyone else at your place would be great but I really only want to work with Stephanie and Sharon. It is comforting to me and they were both so wonderful… In 30 minutes it will be exactly one week since my wife died. 5:00. One week. She said to the fellows who came to pick her up in the ambulance, she said ‘I don’t want to go to the hospital, I want to watch Family Feud.’ Thank you very much Cathy, I appreciate you calling.

I had visited two different funeral homes prior to Thornton - night and day. The other was high pressure; felt like the guy really wanted to make a sale on many items and services. Then I went to Thornton - professional but compassionate. No pressure, it was perfect. I know this will sound funny but lots of people told me it was the best celebration of life they had attended.