What Our Customers Have to Say

Dear Sir/Madam: I recently visited the Cemetery on May 30th to view the burial place of my Mother. I was so totally impressed with the service and the outstanding help that I received from the staff at the funeral centre. I had travelled from the U.K. with my wife, so only knew the address of your beautiful cemetery. The staff were just fantastic in helping to locate the burial place of my mother, which we found easily and spent time to pay our respects. We would like to say thank you to all your staff who helped in this matter. We found them professional, courteous and empathetic. They are a credit to your establishment. Our best regards.

Wendy Smith = Great Customer Service. During this difficult time for our family, there are not enough words to express our gratitude to Wendy Smith. It was pouring with rain, but Wendy was prepared with her umbrella and Wellington boots. She took is around the grounds until we found the right spot for our wonderful dad,  and we never left the van! Wendy would run out and show us where our dad would be and what direction. She gave 110% for everything she did.

Good Day, I do not know if you have an employee recognition program, nor do I expect a response to my  e-mail - but in a world where we do not recognise good employees enough I wanted to pass along positive words about an employee of yours. My family and I had visited the York Cemetery grounds this past Sunday. Upon arrival at my cousin’s site, we realized that the two shepherd’s crooks that my Aunt had placed at his site a couple of weeks back had been removed. Luckily, your (patrol person) Mathew was nearby tending to one of the garbage disposal sites and we explained the situation to him. I inquired whether he had heard of crooks being removed/stolen from grave-sites. He hadn’t and offered that perhaps it was cleared away as my cousin’s site is unmarked. He then offered to check the groundskeeper shed at a later time and left us to pay our respects. He returned shortly with the two shepherd’s crooks that were missing. We were very thankful that he took the time to return to the shed to look for the missing hooks and took the time to address our concern. More importantly, he was very respectful and compassionate throughout our interaction. Thank you for your time.

Dear Mariana, Our sincere thanks to you for co-ordinating the repair and levelling of the grave area in front of our parents grave stone. There is even a big rock near side of road to protect the grass area from trucks. Your help means a lot to us. We really appreciate it. Thank you again.

Ms Sweeney, Good afternoon and I do hope this email finds you and your Team well. I understand that you are the person to pass on compliments regarding an MPG York Employee. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ashley today as I needed help to locate my Dido Grandfather within the York Cemetery. When I first phoned, Ashley was able to locate my Dido and then provide me with a map of the  area. I did have to phone Ashley back after surveying the area as I could not find anything to point me in the right direction for plot numbers. Ashley was fantastic!!!! She stuck with me while walking around a few rows to find my Dido as he currently has no headstone at this time. Happy to report that, through teamwork we found him and I am blessed for that! Please celebrate with Ashley and your staff her compassion, humour, knowledge and kindness. During COVID, now more than ever, the little things are the big things and I appreciated her sticking with me on the phone with a smile. Please kindly acknowledge receipt of e-mail and I wish everyone continued safety and health. All my best and cheers to Ashley!