What Our Customers Have To Say

This is the fifth time we have used your services for family members. We know you do what we ask you. We have used your services several times in the past, with different levels of service, and have always been pleased. Services have ranged from full service, visitation, service, reception at Beecroft location, also The Simple Alternative on Lesmill Road. Always what we ask for.

Sarah Mannone and staff were efficient and very conscious of the pain/emotions I was going through. Even though there was business and technicalities that had to be addressed they were always conscious of this. There was five months between my sister and then my mother dying, how many families had passed through Sarah’s door, I do not know, however she knew me right away when I called. In addition, I needed a few more death certificates for my sister, the receptionist also knew immediately and I had the certificates in my mail box the next day. Old world service and care in the 21st century. Truly amazing! Thank you.

Judson was extraordinarily helpful, kind, patient and caring. He took care of everything and I had no worries. Very important at such a time. Everything was smooth and seamless. From the second that I called which was unplanned, Judson was exceptional! He made a huge difference! Professional and caring individual. Thank you Judson!

My father didn’t want a service or funeral notice in the paper. He only wanted to be cremated. Your company helped me fulfill his wishes, even down to putting his ashes in the same urn as my mother. Nick and all your staff were great, very helpful, professional and compassionate. Thank you for everything.

This was my first home death. I stayed with your staff while they prepared my mom for her final leg of her journey. They were so professional, but at the same time respectful. They wrapped up my mom as if she was   the most precious person. Once my mom had been put in the vehicle they turned to us and we wished them a safe drive and thanked them for coming out so late in the evening. And then they did the most amazing and  wonderful thing − they turned, in unison, to face the back of the vehicle, and put their hands together, as if in prayer, and bowed to my mom. Then they turned back to my husband and I and did the same thing, and then got in their vehicle and drove away. I have never felt so at peace. I couldn’t take my mom on this final part of her journey, but I knew at that moment that she was in the best of hands, I also felt enormous relief because I knew these two people under stood completely the importance of that final good-bye. And by that smallest of gestures, they let me know that everything was okay, they would take my mom the rest of the way and it would be done with the utmost of compassion and respect. I don’t know if your staff do this at every home death, or if it was just something that these two people did, but it meant the world to me.