Brian Lui

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Brian Lui

Brian came to Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries from the investment brokerage industry, where planning for the future with clients is one of the primary objectives. Brian had helped so many plan their future, right into retirement, that helping families pre-plan their final arrangements was a natural progression for him.

   Just as finances are a very personal topic and not often openly discussed, pre-planning tends to be viewed in the same way. Brian is sensitive to this and can help make it a comfortable and simple experience for you and your loved ones.

   Brian has helped many people of different cultures and religions, such as Chinese Buddhist, Taoist, and Greek Orthodox, along with non-denominational families as well.

   If you would like to further discuss the topic of pre-planning, Brian is available for private consultations or group presentations at a location convenient to you.

   Contact Brian today for a no-obligation written quotation for you and your family, for any of our locations.


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