Reyna Bumagat

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Reyna Bumagat

Reyna Bumagat is a warm-hearted, caring and loving Filipina from the northern part of the Philippines who brings good energy across your doorstep. She is a highly motivated Pre-planning Advisor who wants to ease your pain before the need arises.

   Reyna has been with Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries since 1999, and loves what she does: being with people, listening and sharing their feelings. She feels blessed when her mission is accomplished... having guided her customers through the intricate details of pre-planning their final arrangements, seeing their wide, contented smiles, and knowing they are no longer apprehensive but ready to go on and enjoy their lives. For Reyna, good customer service is of the utmost importance.

   Call Reyna today, let her help set your mind at rest by guiding you through your final arrangements


Tel: 416-677-2449

Fax: 416-221-6739