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What people sometime call “grave stones” are actually memorials. Beautiful and often made from bronze or granite, these act as landmarks for family and friends to come visit, while also preserving the deceased’s spirit through some form of description. They might sit upright or lay flat on the ground.

With ground burial, the options include upright granite monuments, markers in granite or bronze which lie flat on the grave, or a boulder. With casket or urn entombment, the memorialization is the inscription on the crypt or niche front.

You can also commit a “memorial act,” such as the release of doves, or have their name inscribed in a Book of Remembrance or on our Tree of Life.

  • Monuments

    Preserve a life story
  • Markers

    Create a lasting tribute
  • Photoceramics and Frames

    Personalising a memorial
  • Lanterns & Vases

    Adornments for your resting place
  • Inscriptions

    Every memorial tells a story
  • Temporary Markers

    Temporary memorials
  • Dove Release

    A different way to say goodbye