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There are a variety of options available to you when you choose casket burial or entombment.

Casket Burial

While burial is more common than above-ground entombment, both options should be considered. With traditional burial, cemeteries offer many options, including single graves marked with a granite or bronze marker or in some cases, an upright monument; or lots composed of one or more graves to be grouped together with upright monuments.

We offer the following types of graves:

  • One Grave lots (space for up to two burials)
  • Two Grave lots (space for up to four burials)
  • Multiple Grave lots (space varies depending on lot size)

The video below shows the burial process in more detail.

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Casket Entombment

When the deceased is entombed, the casket is stored inside a crypt. The crypt is like a grave, except it’s above-ground. Like graves, crypts can hold one casket, two, or an entire family. Unlike burial, a crypt can be outdoors, in a graveyard; or inside, in a mausoleum.

Options include granite fronts inscribed with names and other personal information, or marble fronts with bronze lettering. As well, in addition to large mausolea, which can host many crypts, there is also an option to build a smaller, private, family mausoleum.

Learn more about entombment, crypts and mausoleums by watching our video.

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