Pet and Family Memorial Options

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Decorative Image - Granite monument

As with our human only sections, we offer a wide range of memorial options. The same options exist with the Pet and Family Sections with the addition of some pet specific designs.

The type of memorialization permitted is dictated by the type of interment right:

 Adult Single Grave  Allows for flat markers made of granite or bronze
 1 Grave Lot In addition to flat granite or bronze markers, 1 Grave Lots also allow for upright granite monuments
 Cremation Grave Allows for flat markers made of granite or bronze
 Cremation Lot Allows for upright granite pillow monuments
 Niche Each niche has a granite face, which provides for inscribed memorialization
 Scattering Designated scattering areas allow for an inscription on a common boulder for memorialization











Some examples of the variety of memorials available include:

Flat Markers

 Black Granite Marker Bronze Marker with Vase Reynolds -  Engraved Granite Marker


Granite Monuments

Decorative Image - Granite monument  Daley - red granite monument


Pillow Monuments

 Pillow monumnet in the Forest of Remembrance at Mount Pleasant Cemetery



Niche Fronts with Inscriptions  



 Scattering Memorial Boulder Scattering Area Boulders