Anyone who is, or has been a pet owner knows that our furry and feathered friends are more than just pets – they are family.  When a family loses a pet, we know the grief pet owners experience is real and many would like to have burial options available to them for their pets. We also know that some would like to have the option of being interred together with their pets or near them.

Beginning October 2022, MPG will be the first cemetery operator in Ontario to provide a space where family members have the option to share a final resting place with their cherished pets.  We have created dedicated sections at Meadowvale Cemetery in the GTA West and at Thornton Cemetery in GTA East that make this option possible. Current legislation now allows for the interment of pets in what were previously “human only” cemeteries provided the combined pet and human sections are separate from the human only sections.

If you desire a final resting place with, or near your pet, we have several options available for you to explore in this section.