Pet and Family Interment Options

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Within our designated Pet and Family Sections we seek to offer as much choice as possible and have provided a variety of different interment options.

Human interment can be in the form of casket burial in a grave, as well as cremated remains burial, niche entombment and scattering. Pet interment allows for the burial, niche entombment or scattering of pet cremated remains either with their owner or separately. 

Available interment options include:

  • Adult Single Graves – graves which permit flat marker memorialization
  • 1 Grave Lots – graves which permit upright monuments and flat markers
  • Cremation Graves – graves which permit flat markers
  • Cremation Lots – lots which permit pillow monuments
  • Single and Double Niches – spaces in above ground columbaria for cremation urns
  • Designated Scattering Area – for scattering of cremated remains

Each of these interment rights provides different memorialization options, such as monuments, markers and inscriptions to memorialise both pets and humans. For more information, see Pet and Family Memorial Options.


I have existing Interment Rights in another part of the cemetery. Can my pet be interred with me there?

Unfortunately, no.The legislation requires that pets, whether buried with their human family members or alone, must be buried in a separate cemetery designated to include pets, or, if within an existing cemetery, in a designated separate area designated for combined human and pet, or pet only interment. 

If you have interment rights in a human only section of the cemetery, you can still have your pet buried in the Pet and Family section. If you do desire to be with your pet, there are options available to have your interment rights transferred to the Pet and Family section and our staff can explain what that process looks like and the associated costs.