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Photoceramics and Frames of Photoceramics

Picture It Nothing is more personal than a photograph. We can help you create a lasting image of the deceased through a photoceramic. Available in black and white or colour, and sized to fit a variety of bronze or stainless steel frames that sit on a ceramic base, these can be installed right onto a

Pine Hills

Pine Hills Cemetery Serving Scarborough’s diverse community since 1928, Pine Hills is lush and serene, with more than 17,500 trees and shrubs such as white ash, maple, black cherry and elm. Massey Creek meanders through the property, complementing the numerous flowerbeds, birds and other wildlife. G

Toronto Necropolis

Toronto Necropolis Dating back to 1850, Toronto Necropolis is one of the city’s oldest and most historic cemeteries, and is characterized by breathtaking natural vistas and distinctive architecture including stained glass windows. The collection of sculpture and Victorian buildings make it one of t

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Beechwood Cemetery Alston, Lieutenant Brian Assimeh, Dr. Seth Nadutey Barrington, Dr. Eleanor “Anne” Blenis, William Henry Boncheff, George Christo

Christian Monthly Story/story-archives/prospect-cemetery/Christian

Section 7, Lot 872 Prospect Cemetery Ethelbert “Curley” Christian was an American-born Black man and a world traveller, possibly born on April 15, 1882 or -83. He worked his way through both North and South America, before finally settling in Canada, where he resided until his death in 1954.    Cur

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Section H, Lot 137 Toronto Necropolis Isaac Hutchinson and his wife, the daughter of John Charlton of Cumberland, England, came to York in 1818, where he opened a blacksmith’s shop on the corner of Duke and Ontario Streets (150 Duke Street), and also bought a parcel of land at 120 Duke Street (now A

Hubbard Monthly Story/story-archives/toronto-necropolis/william-peyton-hubbard

Section L, Lot 27 Toronto Necropolis Hubbard was born in Toronto on January 27, 1842, the son of freed slaves from Virginia, and trained as a baker, which trade he plied for almost 20 years during which time he invented a revolutionary type of stove. In 1894 he ran for and was elected alderman for

W Christian Monthly Story/story-archives/toronto-necropolis/reverend-washington-christian

Section Q, Lot 15 (south) Toronto Necropolis Christian was a Baptist minister, born around 1776, probably in Virginia. Leaving an itinerant ministry in New England, Christian moved in 1825 to York (Toronto) in Upper Canada, where he ministered to a small congregation of blacks and whites, and seems

Snow Monthly Story/story-archives/toronto-necropolis/beverley-randolph-snow

Section K, Lot 90 Toronto Necropolis Beverly Randolph Snow was born enslaved of mixed parentage (he is referred to as a mulatto in various newspapers) in Lynchburg, Virginia about 1799 on the estate of Captain William Norvell. He was a well-known black entrepreneur and restaurateur. By the provisi