Our Committees

Board Committees should be composed of outside directors and the CEO, with the committee Chair being a voting member.

These committees should generally oversee matters facing the Corporation and proposers of decisions to be taken by the Board. For certain matters they may act as supervisors to ensure that established Board policies or instructions are followed. In a few cases they may receive authority from the Board to perform certain specific duties. All committees should report regularly to the Board. In addition, they should refer to the Board for decision any matters which, in the judgement of the committee, are important enough to require Board attention.

Mount Pleasant Group (MPG) has two specialised committees composed of independent directors, with the chair of the committee having voting rights.

Governance and Human Resources Committee

The Governance and Human Resources Committee’s main purpose is to make recommendations to the board and to create processes for evaluating the board, chair, committees and individual members. This includes the search for and evaluation of new board members as well as their orientation after joining. A secondary responsibility involves ensuring MPG has appropriate human resources policies in place, including items such as compensation, collective bargaining, performance objectives and succession plans.

A full list of responsibilities for the committee can be found in the Governance and Human Resources Committee Terms of Reference.     

Finance and Investment Committee

The Finance and Investment Committee oversees the financial performance of the organisation. It assists the board in evaluating investment strategies, and reviews the performance of investment managers. The committee makes recommendations to the board on capital projects, budgets, regulatory requirements and security controls. It also manages and reviews the work of the external auditor.

A full list of responsibilities for the committee can be found in the Finance and Investment Terms of Reference.