Our Employees

Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds creating a rich diversity to help mirror the customer base we serve. They are familiar with the many customs that are important to our customers and as a group speak many languages. Our employees embrace the values and culture of our organisation and generally feel they are in a place where they want to be. In addition to the work they perform each day, many of our employees participate in volunteer activities that bring them into the communities that we serve.

In the words of our employees:

Our jobs are about care and compassion and helping people deal with one of the most difficult times of their lives.

My greatest reward is building relationships with families that carry on through the years.

You can’t be anything but helpful if you want to do this job.

The company makes sure we deliver on what’s best for the family.

My job is to help families often at the worst time of their lives. It’s incredibly rewarding. I’m proud to work for an organisation that goes back to 1826. It roots me and my family firmly in history and in the community.

You have to hone your skills and make sure your attitude is just as sharp. I can do this here because the idea of teamwork is in everyone’s DNA.

MPG has an open door policy with its employees; everyone is accessible and willing to help. We treat each other like family. We work for a company that values our contributions, relentlessly strives to achieve the highest customer service standards and is constantly researching new customer trends.

I find it rewarding to volunteer with fellow staff to assist with our community outreach activities.