Governing Legislation

Mount Pleasant Group Introduces Private Bill

For almost 200 years, the Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries has provided compassionate care and choice to families and communities across the Greater Toronto Area.

MPG has applied for a private bill (“Bill”) with the Government of Ontario to effectively codify a unanimous decision by the Ontario Court of Appeal handed down in May 2020. Legislation drafted in the 19th century is being modernized so the organization can serve its community in the 21st century.

Like the Court did, the Bill:
•    affirms MPG’s legal status as a not-for-profit, non-share capital funeral service provider and cemetery operator; and
•    confirms its corporate objects, purposes, and governance structure.

The Bill proposes to supplant 13 current pieces of Ontario legislation dealing with MPG’s creation, governance structure and sale and/or purchasing of lands and replaces them with one modern statute. MPG is the only organization impacted by this private bill, like other administrative private bills introduced in the province.

The Bill has been shared with the Clerk of the Legislature, has appeared in the Ontario Gazette and is currently in its four-week public notice/advertising period.

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