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We’ve made digital versions of our brochures as an overview of our services, and as resources to print and discuss planning options with your family.

Funeral Brochures

Meeting Your Needs at The Simple Alternative

Learn about the benefits of pre-planning your funeral service; talking to others about pre-planning; and the issues that have to be dealt with when a death occurs; the purpose and value of a funeral or memorial service; and our range of services.

Your Personal Guide to Funeral Centres

An approach to the funeral service that makes so much sense.

Cemetery Brochures

Your Guide to Pre-planning with Our Cemeteries

Learn how to talk to those close to you about pre-planning, as well as the options that need to be considered, including choosing a cemetery.

Are You Thinking About Cremation? 

Learn about the advantages of cremation, as well as the process and other considerations.


A gallery of the many monuments families have designed in remembrance of their loved ones.

Bronze and Granite Markers

View examples of both bronze and granite markers.

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries Chinese Brochure

A brief explanation of the products and services offered by Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries, for our Chinese customers.

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries Chinese Monuments Brochure

Our Chinese monument brochure includes a few of the many beautiful monuments we have helped our Chinese families create in remembrance of their relatives.


Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries Greek Monument Brochure

Our Greek monument brochure includes some of the many beautiful monuments we have helped our Greek families create in remembrance of their relatives.

General Information Brochures

Handbook of Burial Rites

Learn about some of the rites and practices of many of the world's religions.


MP Arboretum Book

Mount Pleasant Cemetery is home to one of the finest tree collections in North America. Use our Arboretum Book to explore some of the marvellous trees that make up Mount Pleasant’s Arboretum.